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NW Equipment Sales & Leasing, Inc. provides a variety of equipment for sales or lease to the construction industry.

The Soaker: Wheel Wash Used in Commercial Sites
"The Soaker" Wheel Wash
"The Soaker" Wheel Wash
All aluminum & stainless construction for an environmentally friendly wheel wash. No city power or water needed. Diesel generator in unit for power. Simple to set up. Only a 24' x 24' area needed. Motion sensor turns pumps on and adjustable timers turn pumps off. Low pressure and high volume of water flood the tires and chassis with 1500 gpm. 4,000 gallon main tank and 2,000 gallon reserve tank. 10 adjustable spray heads, with 4 on each side and 2 in center grates to wash underside of chassis. No filters to plug. Mud & debris are trapped in settling pans. Unit can be rented on a monthly basis or purchased with lease-purchase agreements available. The only self-contained and portable wheel wash on the market - weighs 7,500 lbs - a legal load on a tilt-top and only 8'6" wide for easy transportation job to job.

Four different models are available to meet the needs of any job site.

  • 23' Aluminum Self-Contained Portable Wheel Wash (Model # ASCPWW-23)
  • 24' Aluminum Self-Contained Portable Wheel Wash (Model # ASCPWW-24)
  • 30' Steel Fixed Self-Contained Wheel Wash System (Model # SFSCWWS-30)
  • 60' Steel Self-Contained Portable Wheel Wash Above Ground (Model # SSCPWW-AG60)

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Rumble Pad - 8 ft. x 10 ft. pad with D-Ring in Center
Rumble Pad - 8x10 ft pad with D-Ring in Center
Rumble Pads
The use of the rumble pads at the exit of a job site or in front of a wheel wash reduces the maintenance of the wheel wash. Heavy duty, maintenance free pads provide three full revolutions of tire with four pads. A pad is 8' x 10' with a d-ring in the center.

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Security Containers Easily Transported On a Hook Lift Truck
Easily Transported Security Containers
Security Containers
The security containers available from NW Equipment & Leasing, Inc. can help you prevent theft and damage to your equipment and tools, as well as your job site. These secure units are 8'6" X 20' with double rear doors and one man door on the right side of the container. With the heavy duty theft proof door latch, you are protected.

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Concrete Wash Bins with Rubber Sealed Door
Concrete Wash Bins with Rubber Sealed Door
Concrete Washout Container
These containers are large capacity; able to hold up to 6 yards of concrete or material with convenient access for pump and concrete trucks. The unit has a rubber sealed door with mud-locks and a rainproof cover with winch for easy access. Safety latches keep lid securely open when in use and the trapezoidal shape allows easy removal of concrete. The all steel construction, reinforced tub and superior craftsmanship and material provide excellent longevity for the unit.

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Storm Tanks - 20,500 Gallon Capacity When Hooked Together
Storm Tanks - 20,500 Gallon Capacity
Storm Water Tank
The 10,250 gallon tank with two removable baffles has a rubber seal door, removable lids with locking man holes. It provides quick and easy clean up.

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Washes Tires, Wheels, Frame Products Sec. and Under Carriage of the Truck Services
NW Equipment Sales & Leasing, Inc. also offers the following services:

  • Vactor Truck
  • Sweeper Truck
  • Water Truck (hourly or monthly)
  • Pick-up and delivery of wheel washes, security containers and concrete wash bins.
  • Rates and availability on request.

OSW Equipment & Repair, Inc. is our manufacturer in Washington State. They are an established company who specializes in the manufacturing , service and repair of dump truck bodies, trailers and other construction type equipment. Please click on the link to visit their web site

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